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Special Edition-Veterans Day

Thanks to our Men and Woman

Veteran's Day honors those who are providing and have provided armed service to our country. Service to this country began during the Revolutionary War, long before the first celebration of Veteran's Day on November 11, 1919 (one year after the end of World War I). 

We show our gratitude for the brave men and women in numerous ways such as parades and placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Women's contributions have not always been in an official service capacity, but women's service has been reflected in many ways:

  • Revolutionary War - women couldn't serve so they assisted in camp as cooks, seamstresses, and nurses
  • Mexican-American War - actual numbers aren't known, but many women, disguised as men, served and fought next to their male counterparts
  • Spanish-American War - Army Nurse Corp created in 1901 and Navy Nurse Corp created in 1908 were the first times women were officially part of the American military
  • World War I - Navy and Marine Corp enlist women as stenographers and typists at pay equal to the men who previously performed these duties
  • World War II - Army, Navy, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard all enlisted the service of women "for the duration of the emergency..." as we fought on two fronts
  • 1948 - President Truman signed into law women's permanent status in the armed services entitling women to veteran's benefits
  • Korean War - Female enlisted reservists were involuntarily called to active duty - a first
  • 1980 - 8.5% of those serving in military are women; surpassing the 2% ceiling set by the 1948 Act
  • 2012 - The Navy has put its first female officers on submarines and certain female ground troops have been attached to combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • 2013 - The Army has begun recruiting female pilots and crew chiefs 

Whether male or female, young or old, we honor all those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. If we can serve you better, please let us know.