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What We Do


Your hopes and dreams drive our process.

Triad Financial Strategies is a company built on aligning interests with our clients first and foremost. We are not a company built on pushing proprietary products or strategies that aren’t a fit for your financial portfolio. We are a registered investment advisor which translates to objective opinions, guidance and tools to help you on your financial journey.

Your financial plan will reflect your unique goals and help you on the path towards those financial dreams. To support this approach, we use cutting edge tools and technology that help us truly understand your comfort level when it comes to investing.

"Our #1 goal is that with each and every interaction you have with our team, you walk away feeling a sense of relief that you have a team of people dedicated to helping you on your financial journey.” -Tait Lane, President

Planning is the foundation of our approach.

We keenly understand that money isn’t just financial – it is emotional and can be overwhelming. We take pride in becoming your trusted advisor and can walk through all facets of your financial life with you. We will work diligently to develop a solid plan that aligns with your financial needs and wants, and to implement individualized strategies to help you on your path toward achieving the financial future you envision.

Our goal is to establish a program that is customized to your lifestyle choices now and in the future, and set realistic expectations of how to achieve all that you dream about. You can always expect that we will be disciplined in our approach and honest with you as you work towards your financial goals.